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I am an explorer,

I am always in search

of something unexpected,

something that is unknown.

I collect experiences,

I create memories,

I live the moment.

Call me GEORGE.

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Our innovative approach seamlessly integrates space, experience and hospitality as a holistic microcosm of urban life. With a true understanding of the needs of locals and temporary locals alike, we have created the ultimate wonderland for those who live, work and visit the city.

Helmed by Elco Hospitality, a joint venture formed by Elco Holdings and Vision Hospitality, The George includes 170 rooms, 37 of which are designed for extended stays. With a complete focus on seven essential experiences in our daily life, we have dreamed up a collection of spaces, selectively cultivating each environment for locals living and working in the city and temporary locals visiting for a short or longer period of time.

Centered around an inspiring members club, the one-of-a-kind result includes four culinary experiences, outfitted meeting rooms, an exemplary event space, a free-range open work area and a myriad of leisure and relaxation spaces.

If you want to inquire about membership, please contact us at: membership@thegeorgetelaviv.com

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The Conversation
The future is local
Travel has always been the perfect escape from the day-to-day; a long-awaited European holiday, a Mediterranean...
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